What is Vacuum Butt, Breast and Hip Therapy?

May 2, 2021 0 Comments

Unlike the Brazilian butt lift, vacuum therapy (also known as vacuotherapy) is noninvasive and tones your tush without the use of incisions. Similar to a lymphatic drainage massage, vacuum butt/breast therapy is a massaging technique that helps lift and contour the buttocks via a suction device equipped with glass cups. After a mini massage, two small suction cups are moved over the thigh and buttocks, hips or breast area, manipulating the tissue, then two larger suction cups are sealed over each side of the butt for approximately 30 minutes. Vacuum butt/hip/breast therapy also poses no risks and side effects than surgical butt augmentation without any  downtime. Because it is a noninvasive procedure, it’s virtually pain-free; though, you may experience a slight pinching sensation as the cups are being applied or removed. After the treatment, you can expect swelling and tightness in the area treated, both of which are said to dissipate quickly. One session is equivalent to 1500squats. 

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