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Hair Restored

Caring for African hair can be difficult. Perms, hair coloring, and heat can make matters worse with split ends, dull and lifeless appearance, and inability to hold curls.

No worries – with this guide and a little patience and consistency, you can restore your African hair to health.

  1.  Trim away damage if possible

If your hair is damaged and you’re not willing to cut it short, consider trimming away split ends. Repeat the trim every four to six weeks. Leaving damaged ends in place will not help your hair grow out.

  1.  Exfoliate your scalp

Apply a scalp preparation to remove build-up from sebum and hair products. This will create a healthy environment and provide nourishment to the scalp and follicles. Furthermore, a good scalp preparation product provides hair-strengthening vitamins and soothes dry, irritated scalp.

  1.  Protect the ends of your hair

Every week, seal away the ends of your hair with shea butter, jojoba oil or a light moisturiser. For further protection, sleep on a satin pillow, or with a satin or mesh scarf over your hair. Cotton or fleece pillowcases can cause breakage.

  1.  Use our Hair growth Serum

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  1.  Shampoo and condition regularly

Mild, all-natural shampoo and conditioner can help your hair recover from chemical overload. Washing once a week is recommended for most people with damaged African hair. Do not rub or blow-dry damaged hair. Opt for a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil free of sulphates and petrolatum, which tend to cause damage to your hair.

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  1.  Apply protein treatments every other week

Once every two weeks, apply a protein treatment to restore strength.

  1.  Brush and comb your hair regularly

Work out tangles gently, without yanking your hair. Damaged hair breaks easily when combed dry, so add a small amount of conditioner or water.

  1.  Eat real food

Good hair starts from within so eat healthily and drink plenty of water to keep your hair moisturised.